My problem is that when I receive a packet I have to check one field( say 
'int32 COMMAND' ) to decide 
the type of the inner packet. For example:

message OutterPkt {
    required fiexed32 Length = 1;
    required int32 COMMAND = 2;
    required string Content = 3;

message InnerPktA {
     required int32 UserID;
     required int16 UserGender;

message InnerPktB {
    required string UserName = 1;
    reruired string UserDescripton = 2;

my code to process this packet will be:

OuuterPkt outp;
if (outp.COMMAND == 1) {
    InnerPktA pkta;
} else if (outp.COMMAND == 2) {
    InnerPktB pktb;
} else {

My question is: I think the pseudo code above is not efficient because it 
parses the buffer twice and there are too many memcpy.
Is there a better way to deal with this situation?

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