My goal is to port Google's libphonenumber to java-me, so I can use it
on a BlackBerry.   The current subgoal is to get a Protocol Buffer
compiler for java-me that is suitable for porting libphonenumber.
There are four existing libraries mentioned on the wiki.  I've tried
two of them that appeared to have recent development, but ran into

protobuf-j2me on Google Code required a significant number of extra
tools to be installed just to build it.  Since I am willing to use
java to target java-me, I was a little put off by the requirement to
use python, and install a whole tool management system in the form of
I wasn't able to successfully build this project on my windows box.

protobuf-j2me on github.   It appears this is the same as the other
protobuf-j2me listed above.   Why are both listed on the wiki?

protobuf-javame on Google Code appears to be a pure java
implementation.   I was able to run the compiler on my windows box,
but it doesn't support comments or default values in the .proto file,
I get the impression that those are more recent additions to the
protocol buffers spec.   After pruning those parts out of the
libphonenumber proto files, I also found that this compiler doesn't
offer a way to copy protocol buffer message objects, and all the
fields are immutable.  Both of those conflict with libphonenumber's
use of protocolbuffer messages.  I looked at fixing the parser to
support more recent versions of protocol buffers, but discovered it
was primarily driven by inscrutable regex patterns.

swingme on Sourceforge appeared a little too generic to me.  It says
"This is a 'bastardized' version of Google Protocol Buffers that
allows for Anonymous Objects."   so I didn't even try it, since I want
to use the real thing.

It looks like I need to write my own java-me target for Protocol
Buffers.   I would like it to be a self contained java codebase, so it
seems antlr + stringtemplate are the right tools here.    I am looking
for a EBNF style specification of the .proto file, but I can't seem to
find one.  I see the documentation, which covers many examples, but I
want an actual spec for the file.

I found some pretty detailed information on this prolog page -- -- a lot of the
text appears to have been written by Google in fact.  There are
referenced to the protocol buffers spec, too.   But I am having
trouble finding something similar on the protocol buffers site.    So
where do I find the spec?

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