Thanks for a quick reply.

Honestly, I fill a set of histograms for each event. I've added this feature 
only recently and have a version of the code without histograms.

Here is the same performance measurement without histograms:


Read ProtoBuf
Processed events: 1000000

real 0m2.510s
user 0m2.105s
sys 0m0.298s


process files
init threads
start threads
run threads
Thread read 1000000 events

real 0m2.358s
user 0m2.085s
sys 0m0.236s

Again, the same situation.

My file is 384MB. I've already tested the use case with files above 1GB. It 
turs out that ProtoBuf has a "int" limitation on file size. Anyway, I am a 
way below the limit. The messages are pretty short (~400B).

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