Actually, i'm using Restful web services. But, i'm confuse, how to use
it for long polling method. I have search it, but the result is using
JAX WS to handle the request and get callback response.
is there a way to do it in pure protobuf? Maybe using another library?

Thanks in advance

On Apr 1, 10:04 am, Ben Wright <> wrote:
> Unfortunately JAX-WS (Java API for XML Web Services) only works
> directly with XML.... (anyone feel free to correct me if I'm
> misinformed in this regard as I've never fully explored using JAX-WS
> without XML)
> You have a couple of options though...
> If you want to stick with XML based web services you can go with using
> Base64 encoded protocol buffer message(s) in appropriate XML fields.
> Likewise you can return data this way.  The drawbacks of this are that
> you're essentially throwing away a lot of the good that comes from web
> services being well defined in terms of argument and return data
> types. (Base64 is an encoding scheme for putting binary data in "human
> readable" data streams such as XML by only using displayable
> characters... encoding suffers a 4/3 size penalty as it takes four 6-
> bit chars to encode three 8-bit bytes)
> If you're more flexible you can implement a non-XML based web service
> using a RESTful model, or thin HTTP requests, to post and get protocol
> buffers directly as raw bytes.  There are also some "remoting"
> services built on top of protocol buffers that act much like web
> services.  I have not used any of them so I'll leave it to someone
> more versed in those to speak to them.
> If you want more info you can ask more questions or do a search on
> RESTful web services (and yes JAX-WS supports "RESTful" but still
> using XML...)
> Best of luck,
> Ben Wright
> On Mar 31, 10:38 pm, Canggih PW <> wrote:
> > hi,
> > Sorry, i'm new in Java.
> > Currently, i make a web service using python (for server) and java (for 
> > client).
> > Client-Server can updates data synchronously, i'm using long polling 
> > method. All
> > i know about how to implement those thing is using JAX WS, to send request 
> > and
> > read the callback response. But, JAX WS using XML. How can i using protobuf 
> > in
> > JAX-WS, or there are any other library in java that can do it?
> > Thanks in advance
> > Canggih

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