My problem is to serialize protobuf data in C++ and deserialize the
data in Java probably. In fact I get **InvalidProtobufferException**
in Java.

Here is my minimal example:

My protobuf file looks like this:

    option java_outer_classname = "NameProtos";

    message Name {

       required string name = 1;

Which I compile with:

    protoc -I=. --cpp_out=../cpp/ name.proto


    protoc -I=. --java_out=../java/ name.proto

In C++ I create the name object this way:

    Name name;

In Java I read from the socket, until the socket is closed
(socket.send closes the connection, after it entirely wrote the string
passed, so I guess here is no when stop reading issue, isn't there?).

In Java I make the following call in order to deserialize:

`NameProtos.Name name =

However I always get **InvalidProtocolBufferException**

I have no idea, the received strings are not empty though, they look
like this:
[SPACE]platzhirsch[A Character which cannot be displayed probably]

These character which I cannot read, I also get, when using other
fields like int32. I guess there are just encoded into the string.

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