Comment #6 on issue 275 by Incorrect installation with breaks local override

Ah. Based on this information, the problem is that your local install is *not* using setuptools for the install. As a result, the protobuf package doesn't end up being added to the google.__path__. (From the earlier message, I thought you were using --root to install the "local" copy rather than the "system" copy.)

There are two options to fix this:

1. Use setuptools to install the local version of protobuf

2. Use "import google; google.__path__.insert(0,'/the/local/protobuf/google')", in place of inserting the local copy on sys.path.

While making the system-level is a workaround for this particular use case, you should be aware that it may introduce *different* importing problems for other libraries under the google.* package namespace, depending on what is imported when, and what order things are added on to sys.path. So I don't recommend that you keep that workaround.

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