The v2.4.1 Protobuf is uploaded:

v2.4.1 is a bug fix release for v2.4.0 and v2.4.0a.

2011-05-01 version 2.4.1:

  * Fixed the frendship problem for old compilers to make the library now
gcc 3
    compatible again.
  * Fixed vcprojects/extract_includes.bat to extract compiler/plugin.h.

  * Removed usages of JDK 1.6 only features to make the library now JDK 1.5
    compatible again.
  * Fixed a bug about negative enum values.
  * serialVersionUID is now defined in generated messages for java
  * Fixed protoc to use java.lang.Object, which makes "Object" now a valid
    message name again.

  * Experimental C++ implementation now requires C++ protobuf library
    See the README.txt in the python directory for details.

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