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New issue 297 by austin.bingham: EncodeDecodeTest.Encode fails on windows xp 64 with vs2008-sp1 (v2.4.1)

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Build protobuf-2.4.1 on winxp 64 with vs2008.
2. Run tests.exe

I expected all tests to pass. What I see instead is:

  [ RUN      ] EncodeDecodeTest.Encode
..\src\google\protobuf\compiler\ error:
  Value of: File::ReadFileToString(filename, &expected_output)
    Actual: false
  Expected: true
  [  FAILED  ] EncodeDecodeTest.Encode (16 ms)

The next test, EncodeDecodeTest.Decode, seems to pass, but after that the program produces no more output and seems to hang.

These tests all passed with 2.3.0 (all other factors being unchanged.)

Details: win xp 64; vs2008; protobuf-2.4.1

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