Hello all... Sometimes the first steps are the most difficult. I
downloaded the compiled protoc and all the source libraries as zip
files from the standard google download site. I put the two zip files
in a directory c:\protobuf, added that directory to my PATH and
unzipped them. This placed protoc.exe in c:\protobuf and unzipped
everything in the source collection to c:\protobuf\proto-2.4.1. So
far, so good. protoc runs. Dumps help file and version...

But when I try to create an import module (addressbook.pb2.py) from
the sample addressbook.proto file in c:\protobuf\proto-2.4.1\examples
using the command line:

c:\protoc>protoc -I=c:\protobuf\proto-2.4.1\examples --python_out c:

But the compiler complains that the -I= directory and the source file
addressbook.proto do not exist though I know they do. I tried all
possible variations of the directories using absolute (as above) and
relative paths. If I copy addressbook.proto to the working directory c:
\protobuf and try the compiler using defaults as:

protoc --python_out addressbook.proto

the compiler complains that the input does not exist...  I must be
missing something simple here. Can someone clue me in to what it is?


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