You can use custom field options to support validation of this type.

Take a look at extending

You can create an option field like "max_inclusive" and then access it
at run-time from the FieldDescriptor and use the information for

Unfortunately this is still just a "suggestion" - you will still have
to validate with custom-written code.

PS:  I have done this before and it worked out pretty well because the
validation code did not have to have special information about the
data structure, just access to the FieldDescriptor at run time.

On May 30, 6:54 am, Marco Tedone <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm checking the protobuf language definition and I couldn't find
> anywhere support for numeric range. In XSD, for instance, one could
> have:
> <simpleType name="ZeroToTen">
>         <restriction base="int">
>           <minInclusive value="0" />
>           <maxInclusive value="10" />
>         </restriction>
>  </simpleType>
> However I couldn't find equivalent translation in the proto language
> definition. I could find defaults and enums, but not number ranges.
> Regards,
> Marco

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