Hi everyone,

I've cross-compiled the Google protocol buffer C++ library for the
Android platform using the standalone toolchain as described in the
Android NDK documentation.  The library built fine and produced the
libprotobuf.a and libprotobuf-lite.a (I need to use the static
versions for Android).

When I add the library (libprotobuf.a) to a sample project (HelloJni)
the code hangs during the loading of the library.  I've tried to use
ndk-gdb to debug this but unfortunately since the library isn't
loading I have no way of telling where it is hanging.

On the other hand if I add libprotobuf-lite.a to the project the
library loads properly, it does not hang.

I'm not sure what to do at this point.  I've been asked to port the
libprotobuf.a library to Android since we have a great deal of code
already written in C++.  Any suggestions are welcome.


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