Just another case of RTFM^^  Thank you very much for the help.


ps. Btw isn't it strange to have to use source from a tarball to
compile a compiler (protoc) which one must then use to compile more
source from that same tarball? Is it OS related?

On Jun 11, 1:49 am, Ben Wright <compuware...@gmail.com> wrote:
> The descriptor.proto is the proto that describes proto files.  This
> supports that Java and C++ reflection language feature and is required
> to be part of the java library.
> descriptor.proto is located at protobuf-2.4.1/src/google/protobuf/
> descriptor.proto (with the C++ code)
> Please see the file included in the 2.4.1 distribution at
> protobuf-2.4.1/java/README.txt for instructions on how to properly
> build / install the java library without maven.
> I've included the relevant section below:
> Installation - Without Maven
> ============================
> If you would rather not install Maven to build the library, you may
> follow these instructions instead.  Note that these instructions skip
> running unit tests.
> 1) Build the C++ code, or obtain a binary distribution of protoc.  If
>    you install a binary distribution, make sure that it is the same
>    version as this package.  If in doubt, run:
>      $ protoc --version
>    If you built the C++ code without installing, the compiler binary
>    should be located in ../src.
> 2) Invoke protoc to build DescriptorProtos.java:
>      $ protoc --java_out=src/main/java -I../src \
>          ../src/google/protobuf/descriptor.proto
> 3) Compile the code in src/main/java using whatever means you prefer.
> 4) Install the classes wherever you prefer.

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