Comment #3 on issue 289 by 64 bit release build unit tests fail in MSVC 2010

Hi Pherl, below are the steps I had to go through to get it to build.

* Rename gtest directort to gtest.orig
* Download gtest 1.6.0
* Extract to replace original gtest directory
* Open gtest.sln in VS2010 to convert the projects then close MSVC
* Open protobuf.sln in VS2010
* Follow conversion process as usual
* Select menu Build->Configuration Manager
* Select 'Active solution platform' dropdown and choose <New...>
* Choose x64 as platform and copy settings from Win32, make sure create new project platforms is selected
* Close configuration manager
* Make sure that x64 platform is selected
* Confirm that all projects are using the same C/C++ runtime library
* Build the projects
* Run tests.exe

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