I am getteing an error 
error CS1001: Identifier expected
when I generate a .cs file from this .proto file. How can I fix this and 
make it compile?

message Person { 
required int32 id = 1; 
optional string name = 2;
optional string motto = 3 [default="When the cat is away, the mouse is 
enum Gender{ 
MALE = 1;
optional Gender gender = 4;
using protogen.exe -i:person.proto -o:person.cs

this generates a c# source file that has compilation errors:

    private Person.Gender _gender = *Person.Gender.;*
    [global::ProtoBuf.ProtoMember(4, IsRequired = false, Name=@"gender", 
DataFormat = global::ProtoBuf.DataFormat.TwosComplement)]
    public Person.Gender gender
      get { return _gender; }
      set { _gender = value; }

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