I've assumed the API allows to use the assignment operator to copy the
content of on message to another one like this:

MyMessage msg1, msg2;
msg1.set_name("Foo Bar");
msg2 = msg1;

My assumption was the using the API like this would be intuitively
enough to let the generated class files support it.
But as I am currently struggling with strange behaviors of my code I
took the time to analyze the protobuf API in more detail, but I could
not find any operator overloading, which delegates the assigment
operation to a call equivalent to msg2.CopyFrom(msg1). Also, examples
I could find only use those explicit method calls. So now I'm not sure
if I am using the API wrongly or not. Would you mind to let me know if
using assignment instead of 'CopyFrom' method is safe or not? I would
have to change a lot of code if I needed to call that method in order
to be safe. So I just would like to know if this effort is worth it.

Best regards,

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