Actually I found them. I built the whole solution in Release mode and
they appeared.

On Sep 14, 11:44 am, Megha <> wrote:
> Hi, I have compiled and installed protocol buffers by following below
> instructions with no issues. But I can't find libprotobuf.lib,
> libprotobuf-lite.lib and libprotoc.lib files. Can you please tell me
> where they are created?
> Compiling and Installing
> ========================
> 1) Open protobuf.sln in Microsoft Visual Studio.
> 2) Choose "Debug" or "Release" configuration as desired.*
> 3) From the Build menu, choose "Build Solution".  Wait for compiling
> to finish.
> 4) From a command shell, run tests.exe and lite-test.exe and check
> that all
>    tests pass.
> 5) Run extract_includes.bat to copy all the public headers into a
> separate
>    "include" directory (under the top-level package directory).
> 6) Copy the contents of the include directory to wherever you want to
> put
>    headers.
> 7) Copy protoc.exe wherever you put build tools (probably somewhere in
> your
>    PATH).
> 8) Copy libprotobuf.lib, libprotobuf-lite.lib, and libprotoc.lib
> wherever you
>    put libraries.
> Thanks,
> Megha

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