Comment #3 on issue 332 by Allow for default values that are marked "set"

Sorry, I should have specified what language I'm working in. I'm using C++ for this (2.4.0a), so it's related to code generated from protoc.

Essentially I have a field "required int topic = 1 [default = ???];" at the beginning of each of my protobuf messages.

What I am trying to achieve is:
    _has_bits_[0] = 1 upon instantiation or clear of a message
    clear_has_topic() does nothing

From what I can gather from Issue protobuf-net:199, UseImplicitZeroDefaults isn't *quite* what I'm looking for. Issue 249 suggests that marking the field as "required" still forces me to manually set it before I can serialize the message... making "default"s behavior limited to the receiver of the protobuf. I'm looking/hoping for a "send" default for the values specified in the .proto file.

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