when you running The C++ implementation for Python.

>>> from proto import test_pb2
>>> r = tes_pb2.SkillResult()
>>> import gc
>>> gc.set_debug(gc.DEBUG_LEAK)
>>> gc.garbage
>>> gc.collect()
>>> gc.set_debug(gc.DEBUG_LEAK)
>>> gc.collect()
>>> del r
>>> gc.collect()
gc: collectable <SkillResult 0x26d012ec>
gc: collectable <ExtensionDict 0xd5ebbec>
gc: collectable <dict 0x26d052d4>
>>> gc.garbage
[<proto.test_pb2.SkillResult object at 0x26d012ec>,
<google.protobuf.internal.cpp_message.ExtensionDict object at
0xd5ebbec>, {'_cmsg':
object at 0xd5eb560>, '_message': <proto.test_pb2.SkillResult object
at 0x26d012ec>, '_values': {}}]

our env need to disable the gc. now we only can use the pure python
implementation, it without the recycle leak problem. Can anyone told
me how to workaround this problem, thanks.

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