Two essential features for dealing with files associated with a
typical database application are seeking to a record/location in a
file (e.g., when resuming processing of a file after some pause or
shutdown), and if writes to file need to be rolled back, truncating
the file to some valid "sync" point (this would be necessary if
database commit failed, or was rolled back).   Plus, when reading a
file, you never want to ready beyond what is considered
"valid" (should truncate not be done, but instead, your application
design is to merely never ready beyond what is considered "valid").

So I'm curious whether there are any built in features within protocol
buffers to assist with this.   I've noticed some discussions on the
topic, but when searching for "seek", I didn't see any resolution.
Obviously this can be done externally to protocol buffers if the size
of the messages is known (and I'm sure there is a way to get it).  So
I'm just curious whether there is any direct support for this within
protocol buffers.

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