In that case I recommend you browse through my recent discussion with
Dale Durham as I walked him through the process of using the
FileDescriptorSet's that are created when you compile using the --
descriptor_set_out flag to protoc or can obtain from another runtime
that has access to compiled protocol buffer files.

The only difference is that you need to register each extension
manually with the ExtensionRegistry as no "registerAllExtensions"
method is available.

You can register extensions manually from a FileDescriptor as such:

                FileDescriptor fileDescriptor;
                ExtensionRegistry extensionRegistry =

                for(FieldDescriptor extension : fileDescriptor.getExtensions()) 

On Oct 11, 6:33 pm, prem <> wrote:
> Thanks for the info. this solution requires the Class MyMesage be
> present on the receiving side.
> I was trying to just use the description-out file created by the
> protoc tool.

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