On Oct 11, 11:32 am, Scott Saad <saa...@gmail.com> wrote:
> In my opinion these changes would be great to have merged back into the
> protobuf proper branch as most of them aim to make the code base more cross
> compiler compliant. I suppose the C++Builder is a bit more strict on a few
> items.

My experience has been that C++Builder is worse (less standards-
compliant / less capable) than GCC and MSVC, so most changes to
accommodate it are actually working around its shortcomings.

I was working some on getting protobuf to work in C++Builder as well.
I'm curious why you had to remove "using namespace std"?  I was able
to get it working without doing that.

I think that you should not have removed
MessageType_WorkAroundCppLookupDefect (in wire_format_lite_inl.h) for
all compilers.  My understanding is that its intent is to avoid the
overhead of virtual function dispatch, although I couldn't get it to
work in C++Builder.

I'll have to give your version a try later.  It looks like you solved
a couple of problems that were giving me trouble.

Josh Kelley

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