I'm trying to use ProtoBuf-net in Silverlight project, I'm using my
existing domain objects, which define most collection's as:

private ICollection<T> _internalTSet;
public IEnumerable<T> TSet {get;set;}

public void AddTItem(T item) {}

So my model using external Add method defined in class instead of
MyTypeCollection:Collection<T> (there are reasons for this POCO,
NHibernate, some others)).

Is there a way to extend protobuf-net to supply delegate to extenral
Add mothod in ProtoMember attribute? Or (can I | where to) extend
protobuf-net to use external source for reflecting private fileds:
like some interface implemented by class:
    public interface IReflectable
         object GetValue(FieldInfo field);
         void SetValue(FieldInfo field, object value);
Because my model already implement such interface to support private
fields reflection for Db4o database reflector (http://

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