Well you can take in the language guide
where it talks about custom options.  It's just below the Options
section.  This shows how to do it for a message and you'll be using
the FieldDescriptor to do this.  One more thing to note is that you
might consider looking into hibernate.  It appears you are working in C
++ so this might not be an option for you. I do know the hibernate
path works.


On Oct 28, 10:46 pm, elkvis <elkvis...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm trying to develop a framework for accessing a mysql database, by
> automatically generating a .proto file from the tables, with full
> support for foreign key relationships, and I use extensions to the
> FieldOptions message type to tag the various fields with the relevant
> foreign key reference information.  the trouble I'm having is that I
> can't seem to access the extended field options on the fields in my
> message types.  I need to store table and column names in those field
> options, and I need to be able to read those values for querying the
> database to load data into objects.  I can get the built-in options
> through the FieldDescriptor::options() method, but there's always a
> uninterpreted option 999 at the end, and despite my best efforts, I
> cannot find a way to read the custom field options from my messages.
> how can I get to this data?

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