My scenario is as follows - I have created the .proto file, run the
compiler in order to generate the proto java class files and written
functionality to send the proto objects over the wire.

The question is - If a 3rd party application has to consume the
protobuf messages generated by my application and sent over the wire,
what would be the best way to do so ?

To start off with, I am sure that I would need to share the .proto
file with the 3rd party app (akin to sharing an XML schema doc) so
that the 3rd party application is made aware of the message format.

Once the 3rd party app has the copy of the .proto file, how should it
proceed to read the protobuf message and extract the java objects out
of it ?

Does the 3rd party have to write custom code to decipher the message
or is there some way of auto-generating the code to read the protobuf

Please share the best practice for this common scenario.

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