On Thu, Dec 1, 2011 at 3:22 PM, Vinay Bansal <vinsalw...@gmail.com> wrote:

>  void write() {
>    int fd = open("myfile", O_WRONLY), O_APPEND);
>    google::protobuf::io::ZeroCopyOutputStream *out = new
> google::protobuf::io::FileOutputStream(fd);
>    google::protobuf::io::GzipOutputStream *gzipOut = new
> google::protobuf::io::GzipOutputStream(out, options);
>    google::protobuf::io::CodedOutputStream *codedOut = new
> google::protobuf::io::CodedOutputStream(gzipOut);
>    codedOut->WriteVarint32(message.ByteSize());
>    message.SerializeToCodedStream(codedOut);
>    close(fd);
>  }

If you're doing that for every (small) message, then the compressor is
never going to have a good chunk of data to work with; the compression
dictionary will be reset for every message, plus a gzip header gets
written each time. (For comparison, try a command-line gzip of a file
containing only a single message - that's essentially what you're
doing here)

You want to open the file once, create one GzipOutputStream, then
write many messages to it.


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