Comment #7 on issue 361 by Fix warnings

In my setup, at least, GCC doesn't complain about "forcing value to bool", or about "'this' : used in base member initializer list".

I frankly think the "forcing value to bool" is a bogus error that should be suppressed in everyone's project. I honestly don't believe there is any significant "performance" penalty at all - the last time I looked at the generated code for bool a = x; and bool a = (x != 0); they were exactly the same.

The unit test warning probably should be suppressed with a pragma BUT if it isn't bothering people within Google IMHO this is a much lower priority.

As an external developer who makes heavy use of protocol buffers, I only ever ran the Google unit tests one time, and I really didn't care if there were a few warnings there. But warnings in my main build are troublesome because I like to have none at all so I can clearly see "real" warnings when they come up.

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