Hi Marc...

We have been evaluating the use of Protobuf-net as our default
serializer for distributed caching now for a while, and all I can say
it "wow" - nice work. However, we have a few questions...

What we would like to do is swap-out our current serializer
(BinaryFormatter) with ProtoBuf - *without* changing class code. The
issue is the types we're serializing aren't (directly) under our
control, so back-tracking and decorating is a real problem. I realize
that due to the way that the protocol works, this is challenging.
However, this is for in-memory, volatile data that is not persisted,
so cheats/hacks are fine - there is no long-term impact with regards
to data changing.

I've seen a few posts speak to serializing without attributes, but
none of the ever quite work. So...is this even possible? If not,
that's fine...I think we can work around it by forcing folks to
generate .proto files for us. However, that does limit our ability to
provide a "general" distributed caching service (put an object in, get
it back out).

Many thanks!

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