we use proto buff for our c-s application. We find there seem to be no
problems if server proto's optional, repeated field do not exist in
client's proto, so our server and client use different proto defines,
and it works well.

But recently there happens some crash in client proto buff code when
server send a lot of undefined complicate nested optional/repeated
field to client.

>::`scalar deleting destructor'()  + 0x9 字节     C++
        app.exe!google::protobuf::UnknownField::Delete()  行177 + 0x1f 字节        
        app.exe!google::protobuf::UnknownFieldSet::ClearFallback()  行58 C++
        app.exe!google::protobuf::UnknownFieldSet::~UnknownFieldSet()  行51      
        app.exe!MyProtoInner::~MyProtoInner()  行15119 + 0x4a 字节 C++
        app.exe!MyProtoInner::`scalar deleting destructor'()  + 0x8 字节  C++
行622 + 0x11 字节  C++
        app.exe!MyProto::~MyProto()  行16864 + 0x10 字节   C++

It seems happen in memory release procedure, and if we bring the 5
lines proto buff relative code to a gtest, it crash in same place
steady. Can anybody help?

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