I'm trying a similar thing with trying to support Protobuffer for
XINS (an open source web framework that also support different
protocols).  What I'd like to do is to parse a message and generate
the output without the need to compile a .proto file. I'm looking at
DynamicMessage but I can't find out how to parse a message or create a

 Please Google use the -use option of the javadoc to see how to create
all the final classes that don't have constructors.

On 23 fév, 18:40, Meghana <meghana.vishwan...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to implement protobuf for a REST Jersey application.
> Currently, we use XML and JSON serialization provided by the Jersey
> framework. So, the only thing we need to do is set the correct mime-
> type.
> As far as my knowledge goes, the only way to be able to accomodate all
> three types would be to write MessageBodyReader/Writer that translate
> protobuf to XML and JSON and vice versa. This seems redundant to me
> since the Jersey framework already does XML and JSON serialization
> automatically. Is there a better way of achieving this?
> Also, we already have an object model defined in Java and would like
> to continue using the same model in the rest of the application. Is it
> possible to retain this model and not use the auto-generated entities
> for passing objects back and forth from the application?
> Thanks,
> Meghana.

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