On Mar 20, 2012, at 16:12 , Mick wrote:
> These objects are going to be accessible to multiple users, who's accessor 
> programs may be on different release cycles.  I have been looking into 
> protocol buffers as a way of managing dataloss/corruption between versions.  
>   Has anyone used protocol buffers to approach this type problem before?

I'm not quite sure what you mean and what information you are looking for. 
However, protocol buffers were designed to help with this sort of problem, but 
it still requires care to make it work. Random notes off the top of my head:

* You may want to make all fields optional, since if a message is missing a 
required field it will fail to parse. Certainly all *new* fields *must* be 

* Protocol buffers only help with the parsing. You still need to think about 
forward and backwards compatibility (eg. how is your software going to process 
the messages).

* Passing messages through (eg. proxies or other tools) will work.

Hope this helps. Good luck,



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