Hello! I've been searching in this group a little bit, and found this 

Now, I'm  very very very new to python, "never heard of it" kind of new, 
 so I got a little confused on how to apply that patch
should I directly patch my compiled request.proto ( that would be 
request_pb2.py), or should I apply it to some other file that is on the 
of the python implementation of the protocol buffer api.

If it is useful, basically what I'm trying to do is, run a TCP java server, 
and write clients in python, c++,and as I already have a good
proficiency in java, I wrote the server first, and I used 
parseDelimitedTo(), and writeDelimitedTo, because it will be reading 
multiple request from different
clients and that seemed the better way to go. Actually it launches a new 
thread per client, but anyway, a client could send multiple requests

Just in case that patch isn't intended to the purpose I want, I tried a 
different approach and tried to write the delimiter, 

but now I see that I need to add the size in a raw bit format

So the questions are:

Is the patch for what i thought it was? 
then              to wich file should I apply it?

if (Should I write the size as a raw bit string?)
then                        How do I do that?

How do I write the message in a format that my Java server can understand?

Basically I just don't want to change my server implementation.

Thanks very much people, in the mean time I will be looking for other 

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