On Apr 4, 2012, at 2:54 PM, Jawaid Hakim <jawaid.ha...@codestreet.com> wrote:

> My group builds applications using use multiple languages, including Java and 
> C#, so a simple int64 for date representation does not work. 

That there isn't a simple way to do it is a pretty nasty strike against having 
a standard implementation.

I'm surprised though that int64 wouldn't suffice. Any language that supports 
more than a couple popular OS platforms is going to need have some logic 
somewhere for moving back and forth between whatever its preferred date/time 
objects and something that looks an awful lot like an int64, and usually it's 
easily available.

So far I've done this with C++ (using boost's date time objects), Java, C#, 
Python, JavaScript, and I think Perl once too; it hasn't needed more than a few 
lines of code for any of them (which is really saying something in the case of 
Java). Have I unwittingly made a bug, or do your complications come from a 
different scope?

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