HI All,

Small correction on it. UT is from NPCI, we are getting 931 in response 
from UIDIA.

Our code is working fine for PID XML authentiction but responding 931 in 
case of protobuff.  We have created .c & .h files with the help of java 
tool by
passing input as .proto file and passed pid details as parameter  to this 
.c & .h files to get pid protobuff.  

Ashish Khandelwal

On Friday, June 22, 2012 10:47:07 AM UTC+5:30, Ashish Khandelwal wrote:
> Dear All,
> Please find the attached compressed file which includes followings
> 1.     Java tool "protoc-1.0M2" which we are using to generate C-code for 
> protocol buffer
> 2.     Input .proto file 
> 3.     Output .c and .h files generated by the Java tool "protoc-1.0M2"
>  We are using the function “int Pid_write_delimited_to(struct Pid *_Pid, 
> void *_buffer, int offset)”.
> From UID we are getting response 'UT'
> Regards,

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