Having some troubles with OpenForInsert in my C++ plugin.
I'm currently running my plugin standalone without the released protoc. I 
have a folder call "results" and inside that a precreated file called 
"test.h". Inside test.h I have a few lines of text and halfway through I 
have //@@protoc_insertion_point(feedme).
In my plugin I attempt to open the file with..
   scoped_ptr<io::ZeroCopyOutputStream> output( 
output_directory->OpenForInsert("test.h","feedme") );
I then run my proto compiler one directory above the "results" directory 
and invoke it like so,
   ./protoc-mycomp --my_out=results moose.proto cow.proto
It then however throws the error* "test.h: Tried to insert into file that 
doesn't exist."*
Confused about what may be causing this, maybe some sort of limitation in 
the compiler that I am missing?

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