Comment #1 on issue 344 by Compile Error in Visual Studio 2010 and 2011 (developer preview)

1) open .sln with VS 2010 and run conversion wizard
2) set configuration to debug
3) build solution

Error 1 error C3855: 'std::tr1::tuple_element': template parameter '_Idx' is incompatible with the declaration e:\appinstall\protobuf-2.4.1\gtest\include\gtest\internal\gtest-tuple.h 745 Error 2 error C2039: 'type' : is not a member of 'std::tr1::tuple_element' e:\appinstall\protobuf-2.4.1\gtest\include\gtest\internal\gtest-tuple.h 757 Error 3 error C2146: syntax error : missing ',' before identifier 'type' e:\appinstall\protobuf-2.4.1\gtest\include\gtest\internal\gtest-tuple.h 757

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