I am using the protocol buffer text format. I need information about the 
line and column number of a message that was already parsed. For example, I 
have a protocol buffer message definition in the .proto file:
package ExamplePackage;
message ExampleMessage
    required string first = 1;
    required string second = 2;
and a message of type ExampleMessage containing data:
first: "FirstData"
second: "SecondData"
The data is stored in a protocol buffer text format file, so the text 
format parser can get information about the line/column of the data 
("first" -> (line = 1/ column = 1) and "second" -> (line = 2/ column = 1) 
during parsing.
Now I am wondering if I can access the information on line/column after 
parsing. Something like (C++):
ExamplePackage::ExampleMessage MyMessage;
google::protobuf::TextFormat::ParseFromString(fileStream, &MyMessage);
lineOfFirst = MyMessage.first().*getLine*();
lineOfSecond = MyMessage.second().*getLine*();
->lineOfFirst should be 1 now and lineOfSecond should be 2.
As the methods "getLine"/"getColumn" do not exist, I am wondering if there 
any possibility to get line/column after parsing a text format file?

Thanks for your help in advance.


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