On Monday, September 3, 2012 5:33:16 PM UTC+3, sarvesh wrote:
> Hi 
> I have a client and server application written in .NET(server part), C++ 
> (client part) which uses protobuf for serializationa and de-serialization. 
> The server sends notification data to client whenever required , and this 
> notification data type could be any and will not be known to client ahead 
> of time. 
> When i was looking into how to solve this scenario, found out dynamic 
> messages topic whiuch suggests to use .NET and C++ protobuf extensions, 
> however there are not enough examples and clarity on how to use them on 
> both the technologies. 
> Could someone please suggest some links or send me some examples for using 
> extensions in protobuf. 
> For Example: The notification data could be  a single object or list of 
> <T> objects in .NET. How to pass those objects in generic way and identify 
> them in C++ based on the type and de-serialize the data according to its 
> type. 
> Thanks and Regards
> R.Sarvesh

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