Hi Everyone,
     I have looked around the documentation. But I could not find anything 
that implies If I can specify a set of default values for a message if all 
its fields are optional. As an example 

message Class {
      optional uint32  aaa;
      optional uint32  bbb;
      optional uint32  ccc; 

message Instance {
      message Class instance1 [default.aaa=11; default.bbb=22; 
      message Class instance2 [default.aaa=77; default.bbb=88; 

Here I want to treat the "message Class" as a template/Class for declaring 
default values for each instance of the template.
If it is not possible to declare default values like above, can anyone 
please suggest a way to achieve the same. 

Hope I am clear in my explanation.
Thanks in advance.

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