I am trying to compile my .proto file using protoc compiler and generate 
java classes for the same.
Below is my Job.proto file

*import "google/protobuf/descriptor.proto";

option java_package = "com.myfile.test";
option java_outer_classname = "JobProto";

message Job{
    required string companyName = 1;
    required string designation = 2;
    required int32 salary = 3;
    required DescriptorProto file_prot = 4;

And my protoc command is 

*protoc %Input%\Job.proto --java_out=%Output% --descriptor_set_out=job.desc 
--proto_path=%Input% --proto_path=%protobuf_src_folder%*

where environment variable definition are: 
Input: Folder in which Job.proto file is present
Output: Foldedr where my output classes are generated
protobuf_src_folder: Path till "..\protobuf-2.4.1\src"

when i execute the above command i get 
*Job.proto:11:18: "DescriptorProto" is not defined.*

I have tried copying the discriptor.proto in the same folder and modifying 
the import statement (still i get the same error). Whatever i have browse i 
just found setting --proto_path properly but in my case the path is proper 
but still i am getting the same error. I have also ensure that my protobuf 
source version and protoc version are same "2.4.1"

Can anyone tell me whats wrong ?

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