I have the same problem. I genereted message from proc file and there is 
not an "toByteAray()" method. Even after I call build() I do not have 
possibility to use toByteArray(). It is quite strange because there is 
method parseparseFrom(byte[] data).. 

On Thursday, October 13, 2011 3:52:21 AM UTC+2, stefanharjes wrote:
> Hi all, 
> I finally managed to construct java classes from my .proto file and 
> include them in my 
> source which puts a double array in the message. But then I realized, 
> that protoc did 
> not generate a toByteArray() method as promissed in the docs. 
> --------------------------------------- 
> package storageserver; 
> option java_package = "protocolBuffers"; 
> option java_outer_classname = "DoubleExchange"; 
> message ExchangeData { 
>   repeated double my_data = 1; 
> } 
> ---------------------------------------- 
> any hints? 
> Thanks 
> Stefan

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