The code snippet I posted above is the result of using the protc.exe that 
was built 64-bit release mode and code generating a message with more than 
28 fields.  The snippet is the code that was generated by that protc.exe.  
Like I explained you are ok as long as you don't use the 64 bit build of 
protc.exe.   Which we do not.  Now there are many other little things you 
need to do if you want to use a full 64 bit version of the code.  There are 
alot of warning you need to deal with, plus if your using VS2012 you've got 
to fix all the c++11 incompatibilities.   So yes we still experience the 
problem but we work around it.  This whole project really needs some time 
dedicated to 64 bit build support and the new c++11 standard along with 

 Friday, November 2, 2012 4:40:36 PM UTC-5, Robert Graham wrote:

> Are you still experiencing this problem? I am currently build 32/64 bit 
> files. I am using the 64 bit protoc when building under a 64 bit host 
> machine. Are you only experiencing this using the 64-bit protoc? Or when 
> linking against the 64-bit google protocol libraries?

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