Hi All,

I'm seeing an incompatibility between a dynamically generated 
google::protobuf::Message (DynamicMessage?) created with a 
google::protobuf::DynamicMessageFactory and a normal 

What I'm running up against ultimately comes down to this: I can't 
dynamic_cast a DynamicMessage to a known derived type of 
google::protobuf::Message.  For example, let's say my proto file has the 
following message:

package my.package;

messsage Foo
  string blah = 1;
  uint32 bleh = 2;

and I successfully create a my::package::Foo with some code along the lines 

const google::protobuf::Descriptor* descriptor = 
"my.package.Foo" );

google::protobuf::Message* message = myDynamicMessageFactory.GetPrototype( 
descriptor )->New();

after populating message successfully with other commands not shown here, I 
try to do something like:

my::package::Foo foo;
foo.CopyFrom( *message );

and I get a segfault in CopyFrom() because ultimately the following doesn't 
work (the pointer pFoo ends up being NULL down inside 

my::package::Foo* pFoo = dynamic_cast< my::package::Foo* >( message );

It appears as though the derived type of message is not actually 
my::package::Foo, but instead google::protobuf::DynamicMessage (or 
something like that), so naturally the dynamic_cast fails.  I was sure to 
observe the output of message->DebugString() and message->GetTypeName() 
which returned all the appropriate information.

Is there any way to get a real my::package::Foo object from a dynamic one?

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