Thanks XIAO.

Finally i do:
 ZeroCopyInputStream* input = new 
 google::protobuf::io::GzipInputStream gzip_stream(input, 

And this work perfectly.  I paste the code for someone need.

El lunes, 21 de enero de 2013 12:53:28 UTC+1, David Granados escribió:
> Hello.
> I compressed a proto object: Mail, in a file named : file.sav.
> Now i need get the proto object mail again, from the file.sav.
>  I'm tying some like:
>  google::protobuf::io::FileInputStream file_stream(filedescriptor);
>  google::protobuf::io::GzipInputStream gzip_stream(&file_stream, 
> GzipInputStream::GZIP);
> I don't know how deserializate from stream to object Mail.
> Regards.

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