I currently have enum and ERnumValueOptions defined as follows:

  extend proto2.EnumValueOptions {
    optional string gslb_name = 40033178;

  enum CostType {

    // Mustang GSLB services
    WEB_MUSTANG = 1 [ (gslb_name) =  "WEB_MUSTANG" ]; 
    IMAGES_BATCH = 35 [ (gslb_name) = "WEB_MUSTANG" ];
    IMAGES_INTERNAL = 36 [ (gslb_name) = "WEB_MUSTANG" ];

But it will be ideal if I can define gslb_name of type CostType instead of 
string and set the options as gslb_name: WEB_MUSTANG for the enum entries.
Is it possible to achieve this in some way? I ran into errors with genfile 
as gslb_name required <EnumValueOption,CostType> format for constructing 


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