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Labels: Type-Defect Priority-Medium

New issue 461 by segfault in google::protobuf::ShutdownProtobufLibrary() ( when having protobuf statically linked in executable and used within shared object loaded via dlopen

I'm having the following setup:
executable w/ statically linked protobuf that loads shared object files that use protobuf as well.
During shutdown of the executable I'm getting the following segfault:

==4876== Jump to the invalid address stated on the next line
==4876==    at 0x8C31972: ???
==4876== by 0xD9395D: google::protobuf::ShutdownProtobufLibrary() ( ==4876== by 0x7733B2: main (in /local/andre/workspace-cpp/StreamMine3G/build/src/StreamMine3GDebug)
==4876==  Address 0x8c31972 is not stack'd, malloc'd or (recently) free'd

Any idea how we can circumvent/fix that problem?

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