Status: New
Labels: Type-Defect Priority-Medium

New issue 474 by fix handling of Atomic64 on x32 ABIs

the file src/google/protobuf/stubs/atomicops.h has this snippet:
 typedef int32 Atomic32;
// We need to be able to go between Atomic64 and AtomicWord implicitly. This
 // means Atomic64 and AtomicWord should be the same type on 64-bit.
 // NaCl's intptr_t is not actually 64-bits on 64-bit!
 typedef int64 Atomic64;
 typedef intptr_t Atomic64;

nacl has this because it's really the x32 abi where pointers are 32bits but can do 64bit values natively. i merged a patch to chromium's base code that fixes it thusly:
 +#if defined(__ILP32__) || defined(GOOGLE_PROTOBUF_OS_NACL)

i didn't see a codereview site for this project, so i'm submitting the patch via the issue tracker

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