Comment #5 on issue 476 by please document how to use protobuf with maven

This comment is meant to back up Sergei's and Paul's points. I've led the migration from Ant to Maven within my company and this wouldn't have been possible without Sergei's fork and improvements to the old plugin branch. As someone who used to work at Google until recently, it's a bit weird and sometimes frustrating to see Maven treated as second-class citizen in a lot of Google Java OSS :-) It's the de facto standard for building and distributing Java code in the Real World, so I'm all for making this happen.

I would recommend the Google folks to allow reuse of the original code (which I think should be fine — it should technically be licensed under ASL 2 already), grant formal permission to reuse the maven coordinates that have been used for the past few years and ultimately put this plugin under their umbrella, even if it's hosted o Github. I have open-source projects using protobufs that would benefit from having such a plugin officially available in Maven central.


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