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New issue 485 by ByteString should be Serializable

I'm aware that java serialization isn't perfect, and that it has many problems.

That being said, there are many frameworks and places in the java world that use Serializable as the default serialization that's always there. (In the example that bit us, akka, a scala framework for actor-based distributed computing, uses java serialization as its default serialization format)

ByteString is a very useful data abstraction (like String, but for bytes) and it's the kind of thing you end up with lots of when you're building something that takes protobuf-formatted messages off the wire from remote clients and then does local processing inside an akka framework.

It'd be really useful then if ByteString were serializable by java serialization and it's a small change.

Patch attached that does simple java serialization by serializing ByteStrings that need to be serialized as LiteralByteString instances.

        bytestring_serializable.patch  4.8 KB

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