I spent whole day to convert a protocol buffers message into an XML 
file(should be done both direction xml-proto, proto-xml), unfortunately I 
couldn't do that as expected. I have used here JDOM2 as xml parser. please 
anyone help or suggest me to produce XML/Proto message using protocol 

My protocol Message as below,
message RoutePoint {
    required double x = 1;
    required double y = 2;
    optional double z = 3;
    optional double orientation = 4;

message WayPoint {
    required uint32 route_id = 1;
    required RoutePoint point = 2;

message RouteWay {
    optional uint32 command_ref = 1;
    required uint32 grant_id = 2;
    optional WayPoint begin_point = 3;
    required WayPoint end_point = 4;    

I tried with JAXB to Marshalling and Unmarshalling but is also doesn't 
support to this. 
Appreciate if provide an example for my case.

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