Howdy all -- 

I'm looking to use protobuf objects as a convenient and lightweight object 
framework for some cross-language stuff I'm doing between Cascading and 
Hadoop Streaming, but I'm running into some low-level problems just parsing 
messages when I'm writing the message out somewhere. 

So, more concretely:

I've got a simple python script to generate an object for me, which looks 
like this:

def main():
    user = test_tools.generate_user() # creates a 'user' protobuf object = 427293847234
    v1_activity = user.v1_activities.add()

    test_string = user.SerializeToString()

    # Just to prove that the string can be parsed at all--this part works 
    sample_user_2 = user_pb2.User()

    # Now let's push the string to sys.stdout
    print test_string

So I run that with python > sample_user.txt, everything 
works fine, the sample_user_2 object parses just fine, and I've got some 
sort of string stored in sample_user.txt. The problem begins here.

Now, on the receiving end, I've got a script where I want to be able to 
parse this string. Only when I do this:

    user_file = open('sample_user.txt', 'rb').read()
    user = User()

I get the following:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 112, in <module>
  File "", line 59, in main
line 146, in ParseFromString
line 182, in ParseFromString
line 800, in MergeFromString
    raise message_mod.DecodeError('Truncated message.')
google.protobuf.message.DecodeError: Truncated message.

If I compare the len() of the two strings (pre-writing/reading v. 
post-writing/reading) I tend to get two add'l chars on the reading, so I 
guess I'm confused by how this is getting truncated? Is python running into 
a newline char and interpreting it literally somehow? 

Any help would be great...I've been banging my head against this all day :)

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